Printing, Document Security and More

When problems with counterfeiting, alteration, forgery, or document fraud become a concern, learn how to protect both your bank account, as well as your valuable documents. Plus, we can save you money!

Only PROTECTEDimages focuses on "complete document security solutions". 

Why shop at PROTECTEDimages?...

  • We find answers to all of your printing and forms handling needs. Rather than simply supplying your paper products or check signing and certification equipment, we get fully involved into your project.
  • Our sheer volume of business allows us to offer significant savings to our clients - both in "standard" business printing (business cards, brochures, mailers, forms, etc), as well as our off-the-shelf and custom security printing.
  • We utilize some of the most sophisticated anti-copy and forgery resistant technologies on the market today - base paper with watermarks and invisible fluorescent fibers; hidden “VOID” images that appear when copied; banknote quality borders and backgrounds; heat-reactive and coin-activated security inks; accompanied with a variety of other overt (known) and covert (secret) security features, too numerous to mention. 
  • In addition to the above paper products, we also carry a complete line of signing and certification equipment that will further ensure that your important documents do not become compromised once they are issued.
  • For our international clients, we offer both flexibility and cost-savings in the printing and delivery of most any governmental document: birth certificates, land titles, motor vehicle registrations, state-run university diplomas and student transcripts, visa/passport labels, immigration documents, as well as a wide variety of other government issued licenses or permits.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the document security industry, we'll likely have an answer for you. Rely on PROTECTEDimages as your single-source provider for solutions to all of your document issuance applications. We can provide both the products and the expedient service to meet all of your on-going needs.

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