About Us

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Company Background

The owner of PROTECTEDimages LLC, Harry Gersey, has been in the engraving business since 1988, providing custom etched plates for most every type of check signer, check protector, endorser or certifier equipment made. The company boasts an extensive client list of manufacturers, equipment distributors and end-users numbering into the thousands. 

While the company got its start in forgery protection, back in the mid-nineties it expanded its expertise into anti-counterfeiting technologies and security printing. Over the past twenty years the company has developed a complete line of paper products that can NOT be copied - everything from "VOID" and "UNAUTHORIZED COPY" paper, to gift certificates, blank check paper, certificates, prescription forms and student transcripts - essentially any important document that requires protection against illicit duplication.

Our various security features make counterfeiting and illicit duplication of important documents almost impossible. Depending upon the specific application, PROTECTEDimages can provide most any type of security feature - from base paper stock with invisible fibers or watermarks; to hidden 'VOID' Pantograph messages; to Guilloche (banknote) borders and backgrounds; to heat-reactive or coin-activated security inks; to sequential numbering, bar-coding and even holographic foil stamping. We do it all.

The company has over forty years of collective experience in the engraving and security printing industry. We offer an extensive range of check protection equipment, as well as either off-the-shelf or fully customized paper products that give clients the best tools available for their ongoing battle against forgery and counterfeiting. Unlike most equipment dealers that sell check writers, or other forms printers that provide standard (unprotected) checks, our philosophy is one of offering "solutions" rather than mere equipment or paper products.

Mission Statement

To provide such good products and service that our customers become our best sales people.

Need a quote or some expert advice on a specific application?...Give us a call at 585-734-5319, fax us at 585-486-1614. Or better yet, email your requests to sales@protectedimages.com.