Dealer/Reseller Program Information

Opportunity Knocks...

Worldwide counterfeiting and forgery have become a major problem. In 2005, the Federal Bureau of Investigation called counterfeiting "the crime of the twenty-first century". In the United States alone, a recent congressional report estimated that U.S. businesses lose more than $150 Billion annually to fake or altered documents. Check fraud is the most obvious target for these crimes. More and more frequently, however, other important documents are being illegally duplicated or altered - birth certificates, college transcripts, diplomas, gift certificates, passports, immigration papers, titles of ownership, cash register receipts, dollar-off coupons, event tickets, product warranties and most any other document of intrinsic or with a significant cash value.

With these escalating problems, comes significant sales opportunities for enterprising international resellers who wish to capitalize on these needs in the marketplace. Office equipment dealers, paper distributors, office supply stores, print shops, and systems integrators - ALL of these types of companies are welcomed to take advantage of our thirty-plus years in business. 

We would be pleased to assist your client in improving the security of their issued documents. PROTECTEDimages offers a complete line of paper products that can NOT be copied - "VOID" & UNAUTHORIZED COPY" paper, dollar-off coupons, certificate paper, blank check stock, and gift certificates, More importantly, we offer custom security printing that takes advantage of some of the most effective security features in the industry (see Security Features). Governmental applications vary widely - from birth certificates and marriage licenses; to passport/visa labels; university diplomas and student transcripts; to motor vehicle titles and registration stickers - we do them all!

Our dealership program allows for 20-40% discounts off retail pricing on all the equipment and paper products that we sell. Well experienced in the world market, our shipping costs to overseas locations are very competitive. Additionally, our experience in the industry allows us to offer our clients "solutions" rather than mere paper products or signing/certification equipment.

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