Security Features

Below is a list of the security features found in our printed products...

Base Security Paper (off-white): True Fourdrinier "PREMIUM" watermark paper, with chemical sensitivity to bleach and solvents, invisible fluorescent fibers and toner adhesion, an ingredient in the paper that fuses toner to the document, thus avoiding the problems associated with "lift-off" and other forms of alteration.


VOID Pantograph: This patented technology involves printing a hidden message ("VOID", "UNAUTHORIZED COPY", "COPY", etc.) into the background of an important document. Then, when an attempt is made to duplicate this document, this covert image will become visible, easily distinguishing the original from the copied image.



Guilloche artwork designs: These banknote quality border and background designs are difficult, if not impossible to replicate off a copier or scanner, thus making counterfeiting of these valuable documents all but impossible.





Heat-sensitive security ink: Known in the industry as Thermochromic ink, these formulations are made to either change color or disappear at a trigger temperature of 88F (32C). Coupled with an overt warning band "The above logo contains a special security ink that should temporarily disappear when rubbed", authentication of the document is quick and simple.




Coin-activated ink: As an added covert (unknown) security feature, a customized artificial watermark can be added to the back of any document. This step-and-repeat image is invisible to the eye, until scratched with any coin, at which time the artwork turns black.




Erasable ink: This ink can be included in the background images on many of the documents that we print. The idea here, if anyone attempts to change the variable information placed onto the form (an amount, name, signature, grade, date, or whatever), these changes are easily recognizable.



Numbered serialization or barcoding: These methods of "track and trace" are especially important when auditing the issuance of important documents - checks, birth certificates, gift certificates, automobile titles and the like. Proper accounting for these inventoried, issued, voided, and missing forms is essential.

Finishing techniques: The inclusion of perforations, foil or holographic stamping, and/or variable imaging of customized documents is also possible. Use of these techniques not only adds a touch of elegance to the document, but also places another layer of protection onto the document.